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DOMESTIC TAXONOMIES - Special work of the 2020 course

In the 2020 edition of the course, coinciding with the beginning of the mandatory quarantine throughout the metropolitan area of the city of Buenos Aires, we faced a challenge for the continuity in the line of research of the course. We decided to focus the work on the domestic aspects of urban identity. This is how the work space was concentrated for the first time in the private, intimate, but at the same time common area of domesticity. In this way, new questions were opened in the search for signs of a collective identity.

This is why the production of that year has a certain character of a quarantine diary. Successions of images that present the state of confinement and isolation, that progressively move from the observation of the external to an internal universe, that meant an opportunity to train a closer look at the everyday, the anodyne, the apparently irrelevant.